Ben Cooper

Data Engineer

I believe that data can change the world, and with this mindset I help companies and organizations build data pipelines, cloud resources, machine learning models, visualizations, and full stack software. I am an enthusiastic problem solver, life-long learner, and I enjoy tackling complex projects. I have a background in biology, genomics, and bioinformatics, which I apply to business problems to quickly and efficiently learn new domains, tackle complexity, apply systems thinking, and communicate technical concepts with cross functional teams and stakeholders.

I have an MS degree from Northwestern University, an MS degree from the University of Minnesota, and a certificate in Applied Data Science from MIT Professional Education. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, music, mtb, nordic skiing, cooking, and I am a professional flyfishing guide for the Hayward Flyfishing Company.

Currently, I am working as a geospatial data engineer for Colaberry, Inc., contracted to Corteva Agriscience.


I specialize in developing end-to-end pipelines, machine-learning solutions, and full-stack applications in these three domains.

Data Engineering

Data ingestion, data cleaning, data processing, database development, pipelines, APIs.

Data Science

EDA, Regression, time series, classification, recommendation, NLP, neural networks.

Software Engineering

Python applications, websites, webapps, APIs, cloud deployment, AWS, Lambda functions, mobile apps.


My professional and educational experiences from distinguished institutions in chronological order.


This is a collection of some projects I have worked on to-date. Click the images below to learn more.

Recommending songs based on user preferences content.
Time Series
Forecasting Covid-19 death rates based on vaccination status.
Prediciting customer satisfaction with random forest.
Target Enrichment combined with gene/species tree, gene-flow, and cluster analysis.
Web Design
Full stack web application development with Django, Python, CSS, js, and html.


This is a collection of my scientific publications to-date. Click the images below to learn more.

This publication, published in the Journal of Systematic Biology, is the culmination of my MS thesis from Northwestern University.

It is a deep dive into the evolution of a group of plants in the evening primrose family called the 'Sundrops' using genomic and bioinformatic tools.